Terms & Conditions

On receipt of clients order, we will immediately prepare a Pro-forma invoice and email it to the address client will indicate. Normally this address will be the shipping address.

MINIMUM ORDERS POLICY (Based more on weight factors than on dollar values)
It will generally be in clients’ best interest to make up a total shipment whose weight will be 45kg or more so it can be shipped by airfreight at a reduced rate from Nepal. Shipments by air of less than 45kg will not always be cost effective. To fully benefit from lower airfreight rates from Nepal, shipments will weigh 100kg or more.


  1. WholesaleNepal has no single "uniform" discount policy in respect of its products. Rather, the decision to offer or not to offer discounts on its products is reviewed by Management on a product by product basis.
  2. WholesaleNepal does not systematically give discounts on all products - only on selected products. Also, it will not be uncommon for the amount or percentage of the discount to vary from product to product.
  3. It must be stressed that when a discount is advertised either on our web site or more likely one of our separate url pages, it shall without exception relate to that ONE product on offer, and NOT be valid for, or extended to. any other products that may appear elsewhere in that section, linked pages, or site, etc.,
  4. While we shall use our best efforts to make this preceding point (#3) perfectly clear on our pages in advertising what product is being offered with what discount, visitors to our web site, and clients alike, have the ultimate responsibility to read our company's TERMS AND CONDITIONS, notably these provisions of our "DISCOUNT POLICY" appearing on all our pages. We urge them to click on TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  5. Terms of this Discount Policy applies to all the pages appearing in WSN Group LLC and its associated sites including www.wholesalenepal.com, www.wholesalenepal.biz, www.handicraftsasia.com etc. Our site, www.bestnaturalincense.com may at various times, at its option offer different terms & conditions.
  6. In the event clients are in doubt about the extent or intent of this policy, or have queries, they should contact WholesaleNepal Management.
  7. WholesaleNepal Management reserves the right to modify or cancel the discount terms of one or more products at any time, without prior notice.

INVOICING - Savings for EU clients
WSN normally invoices clients in US currency and on FOB Kathmandu Terms. To eliminate conversion costs of purchasing dollars, EU clients will henceforth be invoiced directly in EURO Currency.

Payment will be made in one of two ways:

  1. If the shipment is made by courier service, payment in full may be remitted through Moneygram, Western Union and other Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Services. Typically courier service is used to ship samples and relatively small packages.
  2. If the shipment is made by air freight, Nepali Government Regulations require that 100 percent of the funds be paid in advance by means of bank to bank transfers. Typically air freight is used to ship goods in categories of less than 45 kilos, more than 45 kilos and 100 kilos and over.

All WSN goods are sold on FOB Kathmandu terms, unless indicated otherwise.

Shipping charges are therefore payable by our clients, who are also responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes or duties for which they may be liable in their county of destination. If goods are sent from Nepal by air freight, we will also invoice clients for our Shipping Agents’ costs including insurance, handling charges, crating, packing and tax clearance in Nepal. Our Shipping Agents are experienced Government Authorized Freight Forwarding & Shipping Agents. All aforementioned charges will be itemized on the Pro-forma invoice we send our clients.


1. Regular shipments – merchandise value of $200 and over
WholesaleNepal recommends that clients pay a small insurance premium (usually 1%) to minimize possible risks against possible loss, theft, damage, while in transit. If, on the other hand, clients should want the goods returned for other reasons, they should first contact us by email to state the basis of their dissatisfaction. Clients are requested to notify us accordingly within 48 hours of the goods’ reception. WholesaleNepal will always be attentive to clients’ reasons and work tirelessly with client in search of the most equitable solutions to resolve any problems that may have occurred, consistent with the interests of both parties. Likely solutions include a possible exchange of goods on the condition that the goods to be exchanged will be similar in nature and be available from the same source/supplier. It must be stressed that as a matter of firm WSN policy, clients will always be required to pay for the transportation costs of goods they return from their country to Nepal.

2. Small shipments/Samples – goods with value of less than $200
Due to recent changes in nepali customs regulations, WSN has been forced to review its Policy.and make this notable exception. Effective January 1, 2004, it will no longer accept clients’ “returns” asking for the exchange/refund of any goods contained in small packages - including samples or sample orders, whose value is less than $200.